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Version 5.5.4

April 27th, 2012

Changes in version 5.5.4
•    Added new power user Preference to reloacate AudioFinder’s Application Support folder (Metadata Database)
•    Added a text field for typing tags for users who prefer keyboard input over using the tagging buttons.
•    Added a preference to disable file management warnings.
•    Bug fix where renaming a file by simply changing case would force a waveform preview redraw.
•    Other bug fixes.


Version 5.5.3

March 5th, 2012

Changes in version 5.5.3

  • Added new Metadata Database Relink routine to speed up repairing a mixed up Metadata Database.
  • Added Convert to CAF feature.
  • Added Save As CAF to the Sample Tool.
  • Other bug fixes.


Version 5.5.2

January 14th, 2012

Changes in version 5.5.2

  • Added a Metronome Utility Panel
  • Enhanced the Metadata Database Manager and added a reset the database feature.
  • Added warning alerts for Group, Copy, Move, Alias and Move to Trash.
  • Renamed the menu item “Group In New Folder” to “New Folder with Selection (n Items)” to match the new feature in OSX Lion.
  • Bug fix when using Power Rename in combination with selecting Tags from the Sidebar.
  • Bug fix the preference “Scan/Import Sidebar items require double clicks” was broken.
  • Other bug fixes.


Version 5.5.0

December 10th, 2011

Changes in version 5.5.0

  • Added new Tag based browser.
  • Added a “Clear” button to the Tags editor.
  • Added a “Append” option to the Tags editor for multiple selections.
  • Moved the Star Rating control to the Tags editor panel where it doesn’t require saving.
  • Bug fix for path control when Bookmarks are selected in the Sidebar.
  • Fixed list refresh bug when changing tags.
  • Other bug fixes.


Version 5.4.5

November 21st, 2011

Changes in version 5.4.5

  • Added new tagging panel to make setting tags on sounds quicker and easier.
  • Bug fix reading certain AIFC files.
  • Other bug fixes.


Version 5.4.4

November 6th, 2011


Changes in version 5.4.4

  • A collection of fixes to make AudioFinder on Lion smoother.
  • Bug Fixed a potential freeze after a scan or import on Lion.
  • Lion double clicking Sidebar bug Fixed.
  • Switched to GCD for threads for better performance.
  • Renamed saved “Libraries” to “Lists” to avoid confusion with everything else called Library.
  • Behavior change, if the Preference “Allow unlimited Miniview files” is enabled Audio will keep these files in a non-system purgable location instead of the default Caches folder.


Version 5.4.3

October 29th, 2011

Changes in version 5.4.3

  • Improved 64 bit stability.
  • Fixed memory leak.
  • Other bug fixes.


Version 5.4.2

October 28th, 2011

Changes in version 5.4.2

  • Fixed a crasher when playing back files on certain systems.
  • Improved 64 bit stability.
  • Better caching memory management.
  • Other bug fixes.


Version 5.4.1

October 16th, 2011

Changes in version 5.4.1

  • Added a new path control for quick jumping.
  • Added search term “bread crumbs” for tracking refinement of search terms.
  • Added “Refine” button to the Metadata Database Search and Spotlight Search.
  • Added a crash reporting feature.
  • Bug Fix: Renaming a folder in the list view didn’t update folder column browser.
  • Bug Fix: Varispeed menu was disabled for some mp3 files.
  • Bug Fix: 64 bit only crash when trying to play .ogg files.
  • Bug Fix: some menu items were disabled.
  • Other bug fixes.


Version 5.4.0

September 17th, 2011

Changes in version 5.4.0

  • 32/64 Bit Native
  • Updated every aspect of AudioFinder to use the latest frameworks and API’s.
  • Other bug fixes.
Important Note:  This version supports OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Lion or newer.  Leopard Support ends in version 5.3.x.   If any major bugs are found in the Leopard version they will be fixed,  but new features will not be added to it.